Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2nd Birthday Bash at Nana & Papa's House!!!!

As one can see from the pictures Hayleigh "got into it" and really enjoyed herself. She was overwhelmed with all the wonderful gifts from our super supporting family and friends! The weather (praise God) was absolutely perfect for the outdoor festivities. Kids enjoyed the pool and the BIG kids enjoyed Ladder Ball and Bean Bag toss (ie. Daddy, Papa, Uncle Tony...) By the way, Tony and I are the champs of ladder ball. (sorry I couldn't resist) As always we had plenty of great food and it was very yummy!

Special thanks needs to go to Nana and both so totally rock! This party would not have been possible without you!!!

Few things to update you all on with regards to Hayleigh:

she is going to have surgery after the birth of the baby. (due by Wed July 22nd...scheduled induction that day if Mommy does not go before) Hayleigh also had her 2yr check up with the family physician. Her weight is within normal range, but her height has stalled out. She is in the 99 percent tile for height. (99 other kids her age are taller) The family doc has suggested that we see a geneticist in October to have her evaluated to see if there is anything causing her delays. (speech, growth...)

He is concerned because she is not talking, not pointing at things and her height has stalled out. We have been suspicious for a little while, but not overly concerned. We covet your prayers for her as always. We are not nearly as concerned about what diagnosis we may find, but more that we find out something so we know how to give her the best possible outcome for her life.

For now we wait and prepare for our new addition. More to come following the baby's birth. Please check my facebook page for additional photos from the b day fun and news related to the birth. (

Until next time...


Hua said...


Your baby Hayleigh looks really adorable. Hope your labor went well!

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