Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Genetics Testing...the waiting game!

Hey all just a quick update on Hayleigh Joy! We had a meeting with a genetics group a week ago and now we are waiting the results of the blood testing that will look at her genetic code to the microscopic level. They will be looking to see additions or deletions in her genetic code that may explain why she is not talking and doing age appropriate things. We learned that all of us are screwed up ( I mean missing certain DNA code or have additions to it!) but likely in areas that don't show up in ways that affect us. (for me that is debatable, anyway I digress)

We will know in another week or so the results. We of course are praying for 2 things. One that there is nothing wrong and that she is just behind because of all she has gone through and just needs some more aggressive therapies like speech and language etc...

Finally find out what is wrong and get her the therapies that she needs. Please join us in our prayers for Hayleigh Joy. Thanks again for reading and supporting us as you have.

Until next time...