Saturday, August 30, 2008

Toofer 2 (was going to be "toofer 1"

YES!!!!!! Hayleigh Joy has 2 toofer's coming in on the top! Coming in Hayleigh fashion "her way". They are on the top left and right but are like the eye teeth or just behind that yet...not to front middle or bottom middle teeth like most "normal" kids, but hey they're teeth right? (amen)

Other developmental changes in the past several days (how's that for NEW info fast!) she is now able to spin herself around like on a sit n spin while sitting on her butt...standing up in her crib (just saw that tonight) and certainly more vocal!

Still loving her sweet tators, but has advanced to the frozen tray of them and boy do they get all over her. Needed a bath last night. Hayleigh went to the John Ball Zoo for Wolverine Night where her papa works. She some how did not end up in the limited pix we got, but her sisters did (see pictures below) Yeah you would think I was able to get pix, but no I stood in line for an hr of the 3 getting drinks. Let's suffice it to say I chose (as always) the line w/ the slower checker. Thank God the free "zoo bucks" were being used cause I was not going to pay for it!

Well school starts on Tuesday for the older 3...Mikaylah 5th grade, Rebekah 4th grade and Chelsea 2nd grade. Oh where did the summer go! As the saying in our family goes starting September, "every nice day is a gift"! Hope you all have a safe fall and new school year.

until next time...