Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Daddy Bizzy!

My daddy is busy so I thought I would update u on my progress. I saw my heart doctor and was told to come back next year in May and that all is looking really good! I am weighing in at a whopping 18lbs and about 27" tall. I L O V E food!!!!

Did I mention I love food? I digress...I also saw my ear, nose and froat doctor who put me on antibiotic ear drops and yummy pink medicine to get rid of a sinus and ear infection. I am doing much better now, thanks. I think I am going to skip the whole crawling thing and go straight to walking (shhh don't tell my mommy and daddy my sneaky little plan), but I really enjoying standing up by myself and OH YEAH how fun it is when I walk while holding hands with the big people. I am also starting to say HI and wave at all the smiling faces around me.

My sister's are now back to skool so it is kinda boring sometimes, but I keep my mommy, daddy and grandpa pretty bizzy! I really like to eat, did I mention that already? I still need some more toofers to help me choo my food better, still only have the 2 toofers on the top. I almost sleep through the night, but I find it quite entertaining to see my mommy and daddy at 2am sleep walking like zombies! (mommy and daddy don't seem to be quite as amused; adults I just don't get it)

Well I better get some sleep now before I wake up again at 2am for a bottle of my milk. I will bug my daddy to update my blog more frequently as I truly value all my fans across the globe!



Craig Shoemaker said...


It sounds like you are doing great! We are so glad to hear it.

So what is your favorite food? I really like sushi... you should ask your daddy for some when you get older!


Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween Hayleigh!
Love, Dixie

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