Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hello From Hayleigh's World!

Sorry it has been so long since we last posted anything! We have been like all of you, BUSY! Since our last post we were concerned about Hayleigh's development and concern for her being allergic to milk as she had been really snotty. We are still awaiting blood work for allergy testing, BUT Hayleigh in the past two weeks has gone from just sitting and some standing and no crawling TO standing all the time, walking with help from one of us or around furniture and to (drum roll please...) CRAWLING!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me tell you, Mommy is happy! Now of course we have to watch the stairs. That is a good problem to have. We also have two more teeth on the bottom (NO! Not front teeth of course) 2 more molars. I think we are going to teach her to play hockey so she will fit right in!

As u can see from the photo's we all had a good time with the harvest celebration. We spent some time that evening with good friends across town and handed out candy. Girls and I went to all the businesses in our small town and then later through the neighborhood. Fun and safe time. Chelsea was scared by a gentlemen in a graveyard scene at one house that took 10 minutes to settle down from. He is lucky I was behind her or I think he might have gotten a surprise of his own from a protective dad. (smile)

We had our first snow fall that accumulated on the lawns and trees. Very pretty! Just not ready to be cold for 4-5 months and begging for a glimpse of the sun. Well hate to cut it short but need to put some little kids to bed!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and enjoy! We shall post again after the holiday with some more photos and comments.

God bless until next time...

"oh to have hair again"


Craig Shoemaker said...


Whatever you are taking for the blond locks you really need to bottle and sell.