Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's About Time We Update This Site!

Hello everyone! We hope that the post election days are treating you well. Feeling the "stimulus" yet? Can't believe it has been that long since our last update on Ms. Hayleigh Joy! She is finally getting teeth in front both top and bottom. They came in all at the same time! We have a plethora of used Kleen ex to prove it too! (should buy stock in them)

Hayleigh is going to see Dr. Grifka in May and stops all heart related meds by the first of April! We anticipate having a EKG, Ultrasound of her heart (Echocardiogram) and a good head to toe look over. Following that we will likely visit the good doc once a year! Amazing!!!

Hayleigh is getting close to walking. She is crawling around every where and getting into all kinds of stuff including the tupperware cupboard. She is still behind in her speech, but makes all kinds of noise. She gives us high fives and occasionally will wave and say what sounds like "hi". She is also getting some hair finally. (worried she was going to look like her dad, yikes!)

Hayleigh still loves to eat (hey she is an Alber and Alber's like to eat!) She will smile and make a Tim Allen grunt when you ask her if she wants food or if she is hungry, so cute!

Hayleigh's little sibling is due July 28th! (no we don't know the gender and not sure if we will find out before the birh) Sorry! Mommy is doing much better, but is still often fatigued and in need of a nap. Ultasound is due in a couple of weeks so we will promise to update on this site following that exam.

Daddy is no longer employed at Metrohealth Hospital and works full time right down the road from our house at Spectrum Health United Hospital. Working still in the ER. Also does Picc line placement via ultrasound through Access RN (kinda like an IV but much longer in length). We are extremely busy! Mikaylah and Chelsea have OM (Odyssey of the Mind) meetings and competitions.

We are all awaiting the end of the winter to get outside again! Look forward to the warmer weather!

Until next time... (sooner than the last time, of course!)