Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring is here!

Hello All! Sorry it has been so long since updating the blog (AGAIN!) We are so looking forward to spring!!!! Today is 70 degrees! (yeah I know for those of you in Cali and anywhere but the Northpole, no big deal, but to us crackers in the north it is wonderful) Ok to the real reason you read any of this Hayleigh Joy:

NO MORE MEDICINE!!!!!!!! Yes, we stopped all medicine at the end of March. Hayleigh will be seeing the Good Doc (Dr. Grifka) on May 10th for a complete check up (EKG, Echocardiogram, Chest xray) Following that visit we will be sure to update. We anticipate being placed on yearly checkups. We are going to miss seeing the cardiology group, but as the say "all good things must come to an end", right?

Hayleigh is getting very close to walking now. She is still dealing with being affraid of falling. She also only sees walking as a means to getting from point A to point B, not as a means of mobility for her life, yet! Both sets of eye teeth are almost in now. She is biting food and chewing! Not just inhaling her food. She does not deal with constipation anymore as a result! (mommy and daddy are happy about that)

Mikaylah our oldest daughter has a competition called (Oddyssey of the Mind) competition this Saturday and if they take 1st or 2nd they will go on to the world competition in Iowa! We will be at the event for 12 hrs so we hope Hayleigh enjoys lot's of sitting (yeah right, maybe with Sid the Science Kid, but not people).

Happy Spring to all of you, until next time...