Monday, February 8, 2010

Groggy in Greenville!

Since our last update we have been getting very little sleep to speak of. Hayleigh's circadian rhythm (24hr biochemical clock that regulates sleep/wake cycle...involving serotonin and melatonin) is reversed from you or I. In addition to that she like clock work wakes up between 5am -6am daily. Hits the ground running! (loves the electronic toys...the louder the better) Praise the Lord Elah is a sound sleeper like her mommy or we could have 2 little people early in the am to take care of.
I was able to find on the SMS website ( a posting on the forum site of a couple of supplements a mother was having success using on her 5 yr old. In the past 4 days we have been using the cocktail and so far she is sleeping all night without waking up. She normally would wake 1-2 times during the night. The last time she woke up at 3am and it took over an hr to put her back to bed. That was the straw that broke the daddy's back! Finally got the combination of supplements (Valerian root, Melatonin and Miralax) and so far so good. Starting on very low doses. She actually is having better days as a result. Tantrums are much reduced and she is handling being away from home better. From what I read the valerian root is to credit for that. Anyone who has a ADD/ADHD kid could benefit from this. It also has benefits of helping with stomach cramps, (during menses) aids in digestion, helps with migraines and is also a anti-anxiety supplement. Great for sleep ultimately without the groggy effects. Check it out!

Other family notes before I wrap this session up: Elah is almost 7 months and she is doing awesome. Just saw pediatrician last week to get her update immunizations and he said she is doing great. We had an Ultrasound of her left hip for a click he was noticing, but he really thought it was in her knee. Do not have results yet, but I figure no news is good news! Michelle went to endocrinologist today for her thyroid and they took a biopsy of a nodule they found on Ultrasound. Results pending in a couple of days. Please pray for benign results. (not to be confused with what you are before your you be ten "benign"...LOL) Couldn't resist! Yes I could have but that just would not be me.

Until next time...


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