Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sleep-LessMagenis & 3RD B day!

Yeah I renamed her diagnosis because the fact that nobody sleeps well. Or not much at all! I am fine dealing with everything else that comes with Smith Magenis but when u mess with my sleep that is where I am struggling. I am a jerk I'm sure. Heck I don't even want to be around me!! Please pray we are able to find a med that will help her sleep or one that will help mom and dad sleep so we don't hear her (lol).
We celebrated Hayleigh's third b day on the first! She is doing very well with communicating with sign language. Still not talking yet. From what I read speech comes between ages 3-4 so we are hopeful. We are going to do a birthday celebration the end of this month for all 4 summer birthdays. Elah is going to be a year old on July 22 nd.
I have done this post from my iPhone so please 4give me if I mess up on grammar or spilling! (smile)
Will plan to update again after our yearly appointment next Tuesday at good ole doc Grifka ( the cardiologist ).

Until next time...