Saturday, January 15, 2011


Yes! We are getting a full night sleep again. I can finally report this after about 10 days or better of Hayleigh sleeping through the night. We started her about 6 wks ago on Labetolol daily at 8am. This med helps her with her moods by suppressing her melatonin spikes throughout the day. This is all part of the European study that was done and shared with me by some very wonderful SMS folks! We supplement her with Melatonin and a combination sleep aid at around 8pm and she typically goes to bed around 8:30pm and wakes around 6-6:30am! She once woke at 8:30am!!!!! (results not typical. Individual results may vary. Consult your...OKAY! Sorry I couldn't help myself!)
Shannon from Illinois ( who has an SMS daughter shared a sleep aid by the name of "Sleep Assure", so I looked at the ingredients in that and was able to find one comparable locally at Walgreen's called "Alteril". I wanted to try something without having to spend a lot in case it did not work. I think from a cost perspective it would be better to order "Sleep Assure". "Alteril" has 2mg Melatonin in it along with multiple other natural elements that promote sleep and delayed waking. I supplement with 5mg of extended release. I crush both pills (Melatonin and Alteril) put it into a couple spoonfuls of ice cream and voila SWEET DREAMS!
Her mood swings are so much less and she is much more joyous throughout the day. Improved communication with HayJoy too! We don't experience the "marathon naps" as I call them, where she is sleeping 3+hrs at a time. She no longer falls face first into her dinner anymore. Bonus for a child who loves to eat!
I want to say thanks to all who have been praying, reading, supplying info to help us in this journey. I want to especially recognize Dr. Wendy Burdo-Hartman and Dr. Mark for taking a chance on this drug therapy with us, you are all a tremendous blessing!

I hope and pray this info will benefit others.

until next time...